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What is Blonde Biscotti?

Blonde Biscotti is a walk-up window bakery concept outdoors combined with a private meeting room and event space indoors.

Do you have any outdoor seating?

Yes, we do have some outdoor café table and chairs at our walk-up window.

Can we place our order at the walk-up window?

No, unfortunately, we only offer ordering through our online mobile order system (Toast) or the app (Toast Take-Out).

Why do you only offer mobile order?

We offer mobile only ordering for several reasons:

1. We hate lines! How many times have you waited in line at your favorite coffee bar knowing exactly what you want, but you arrived just in time to stand in a long line? Our mobile ordering system allows customers to skip the line and peruse the menu at your own pace. Place your order ahead and skip the line.

2. Financial privacy. With mobile order, customers handle their own credit card information.

3. Fully customizable menu options. Customer can see the full offerings and customize each menu item.

4. Eliminates staff input error. How often do you tell someone your order only to be handed and item that you didn't order? Did I actually tell them I wanted it iced, you might think? Mobile ordering lets the customer drive the ordering process.



How are your non-dairy milks made?

All of our non-dairy milks are made fresh every day for our coffee bar, and our retail non-dairy milk bottles are made the day you order or on your scheduled pickup date. All of our non-dairy milks contain at least two ingredients: the nut and filtered water. Some contain a third ingredient, dates, for a little natural sweetness. 

Do you use the same container to make all of your non-dairy milks?

Yes and No. For all of our nut-based milks (i.e. - peanut, cashew, almond, and pistachio), the same container is used. However, for any non-dairy milks we offer (oat, coconut, etc), we use a separate container with regards to an around nut allergy concern.

What flavored coffee drinks do you offer?

We don't purchase flavored syrups. I mean... Have you read the ingredient label for those syrups? I mean we love flavors and all, but unless the hazelnut flavor came from a REAL hazelnut, we don't want it! So, we make our own syrups in house - a real Madagascar vanilla AND a lavender syrup. We also offer locally sourced honey, agave, a sugar simple syrup, and stevia to sweeten your beverage to your liking.

What syrups are sugar free on your coffee bar menu?

Since we make our own syrups in house from a simple syrup base, we do not off any sugar-free syrups (remember, we aren't a fan of packaged foods). However, stevia is a great option if you want to sweeten your beverage naturally.

How do you build a coffee drink from your menu if you're a newbie?

New to our menu? Let us give you a tour below:

1. First, decide if you are wanting a hot or cold coffee.

2. Then review the drink options under that type of coffee.


--> Decide if you are wanting a regular drip coffee or a specialty, espresso-based coffee.

--> REGULAR DRIP: this is your drink if you typically drink timeless & classic coffee drinks. We hand brew each cup to ensure you are getting a fresh cup at each pour, but if you don't have time, opt for trying a espresso based "Americano". Meant to emulate the strength of a cup of coffee, but with lightened signature flavors of an espresso.

--> ESPRESSO-BASED: each espresso drink is made with one (2oz) shot of espresso and then adding a varied amount of steamed milk. As you scroll down the menu, each drink gets larger with with a slight amount more steamed milk than the previous drink (online ordering menu drink descriptions will list the milk/drink volumes & ratios).

------> If you like a strong taste of coffee, stick to the top of the menu espresso (no milk), macchiato, or cortado, flat white, or small (8oz) cappuccino.

------> If you tend to like a lighter coffee taste, then go for a large (12oz) cappuccino, latte or mocha (a chocolate latte - we hand melt in real chocolate from bakery, no syrups!).


--> Decide if you are wanting a cold brew or a specialty, espresso-based drink

--> COLD BREW: satisfies that need if you are really wanting a drip coffee, but need it chilled! If you prefer a stronger and more bold coffee flavor, add a shot of espresso, or opt for an "Iced Americano".

--> ESPRESSO-BASED: each espresso drink is made like the HOT espresso-based drinks listed above, only instead of adding the espresso shot to steamed milk, it is blended with chilled milk and topped with ice (see above for details).

3. Customize your drink.

--> What kind of milk do you want? Have you tried any of our house-made non-dairy options?

--> Do you want to sweeten your drink or add some spices or dark cocoa? Click on your desired coffee item to see what special modifiers are available for that drink.

--> Do you want to add a shot of espresso? Remember, if you add a shot of espresso, it increases the intensity of the coffee flavor. If you need the extra caffeine, but like it sweet, scale up the number of shots you pick to balance the flavors.

Where is the soft-baked biscotti made?

Everything is made from scratch, in-house with our hands. Our inspiration comes from the collaboration between the founders. We aren't a fan of processed foods or mass produced foods that contain additives or preservatives. So, we buy all raw ingredients and make it ourselves (yes, we even make our own peanut butter for our vegan bites). We don't have to wonder what's in our product. We know because we made it.


How do I make a reservation for the Coffee & Cookies Meeting Room?

To make a reservation, click on 'Events & Bookings' menu tab, then select the Coffee & Cookies Conference Room option. If you are a first time user, make sure to create an account with us. If you already have an account, simply log-in and pick a session. At the checkout, you will be asked to schedule from available dates and times for that session. Once you have completed checkout, you will receive an email with a calendar invite to help remind you or send to guests of your booking details.

Do I need to place my food and drink order before the meeting or can I place my order when I arrive?

You can do both! If you don't mind using part of your meeting time to place your order, then Room Service instructions are posted in the room to help you quickly reach the menu.

If you'd prefer to have your order scheduled, click on the Order Now link. Select "Pickup" & "Schedule For Later". Select the date and time of your meeting, and select the menu items you would like to order.

At checkout, you can review and confirm both the menu items and the date and time details for your order. Don't forget to add "Room Service" to your order so it arrives to your booked room appropriately.

If you have placed a scheduled order and forgot to add 'Room Service', please give us a call and let us know so that we can add it to your order.

How do I book The Ivy Room?

The Ivy Room comes with many custom options and is set to accommodate larger groups. In order to place a reservation for this room, please send us your inquiry on our 'Contact Us' form located on The Ivy Room's page.

How do I plan and coordinate for my event or meeting to be catered from your bakery's kitchen?

Our bakery has a great setup for catering any event you would like to host. For events that require catering planning and prep time, we require at least 2 weeks ordering notice. For meetings and gatherings wanting simply sandwiches or snack bar options, we will only need a few days notice. If you're not sure, get in touch with us and we can assist with you catering options.

Do you allow outside catering?

No, we unfortunately do not allow any outside food or drinks brought in with the exception of BYO beer and or wine. We do carry a food safety and health license with the City of Houston, but we do not carry a TABC license allowing us to sell or serve alcohol. If you are wanting to self-serve alcohol at your event, please get in touch with us so that we can let you know that requirements allowing you to serve.

How many people can you accommodate in the Coffee & Cookies Conference Room?

The conference room seats up to 10.

How many guests can you accommodate in The Ivy Room?

The Ivy Room works best with guests as few as 12 up to 36. For bookings accommodating greater than 25 guests, the Conference Room must also be booked in order to assure that 

Do you rooms offer wifi?

Yes, each room does offer their own wifi networks. For login information, details are posted in each room at the start of your event.

Do you offer multi-media options such as tv's or monitors for visual display?

Yes, each room does have a variety of options for visual display. You can choose from a 25", 32", or 50" depending on your group size or needs. The 25" and 32" are best suited for the Coffee & Cookies Conference Room given the screen proximity to viewing areas.

While the 32" and the 50" tv display screens are best suited for The Ivy Room. The 25" is often used in The Ivy Room as a slideshow backdrop on our Baker's Rack as you enter the room, which you can decorate as to fit the theme of your event or party.

***There is not an extra fee to reserve these tv display's, but please keep 2 things in mind:

1. TV aren't kept on site and must be reserved at least 24hrs in advance to your event date and time. Due to various types of events and periodic room layout changes, we do not store the displays on site and they will not be available to add-on the day of your event.

2. In order to connect up to our TV displays, please remember to bring an HDMI cable that has a compatible connection to mate with your device. Due to a variety of different device requirements, we do not own any HDMI cables. So, please plan accordingly.

Do you offer any team building classes or events?

Yes, we do. Team Building classes are reserved for private Monday reservations where the Pick-Up Coffee Bar is closed and offers a more private setting.

Have a question? Contact us below.

Get in touch so we can answer your questions.

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