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What better treat to offer at Blonde Biscotti than a made to order tiramisu cake? It is the perfect cake to celebrate your special occasion. It is made in a 6" square serving 6-9 guests. We brew the best espresso right from our espresso bar, bake the best soft-baked biscotti to layer, and of course who else to craft the perfect custard recipe other than Chef Toni and her daughter, Lisa?



Our very first tiramisu cake was made for an engagement photo shoot for one of the owners. The couple enjoyed cooking together and wanted to reflect that in their photo session.

While making the dessert, they discovered they had forgotten to purchase lady fingers from the store. In a pinch, they decided to substitute Blonde Biscotti's classic cookie, the Natural Blonde.

The next day at the photoshoot, they took a bite and melted at how good it tasted. Immediately, they felt they had to share this treat with all of Houston! I mean where else could you purchase a whole tiramisu cake made from scratch from a coffee shop?

We are very excited to share our beloved dessert with you. We would love to invite you to share your experience as well! If you place an order for one of our tasty tiramisu cakes, share with others what you loved about it by dropping us a Google Review!

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