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owned & operated.

Our Company consists of 2:

a mother & daughter; that's it! Just us. We open, we close, and we work hard every day to bring a smile to your face!





OUTSIDE, boasts a Digital Order, Pickup-Up Window viewing right into our bakery with an online menu featuring: customizable coffee & tea drinks, soft-baked biscotti (coffee's favorite cookie) alongside daily scratch made pastries, and made-to-order non-dairy milks for the health conscious wanting to eliminate highly processed foods found at the supermarkets.

The ordering process is easy:

1. Locate our menu online

2. Place your order, and

3. Ring the window bell for pickup!


It's simple, fast, and easy. No more waiting in lines. Your next order is right at your fingertips.

Click here to view our menu to see what Chef Toni has made today!

INSIDE, features a private meeting room, "Coffee & Cookies Meeting Room", seating up to 10 guests adjacent to a larger event space, "The Ivy Room", seating up to 30 guests.


We accommodate events to include: monthly book club gatherings, quarterly business sales team meetings, legal proceeding meetings, executive business meetings, baby showers, bridal showers, micro-weddings, and much more.

With the ambiance of a live coffee bar (without the strangers next to you hogging the wifi, of course), you can order FREE "Room Service" from our digital order menu. Plan ahead and you can schedule orders to be in your room at the start of your meeting or arrive halfway through to signal break time.

To order from inside the room, just scan the QR code on the wall, select room service (which room you have reserved), place your order, and we will bring it right to your room. No interruptions or having to pause your meeting.

Needing something more customizable? No worries! For events with 12+ guests, we offer customizable catering menus to fit any booking. Get in touch by clicking on our Events & Booking page to learn more.

Want to learn more? Check out our FAQ's page!

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